Monday, March 16, 2009

hope everything would be like before

i just came back from my sister house at melaka.. actually not really 'just'...i came back to kl last week on thursday, after stayed there for 5 days.. mmg best la dpt lepak2 kt umah k.teh n melayan anak2 die... happy je w/pun ade la hal2 yg x berapa sedap nk dgr...aku pegi sane pon on mmg syok la duk sane.. maybe lame x lepak ngan my sister kot.. mcm2 sembang.. nk balik tu rase sedih gak la... moody gak la sbb nk blk kl dh..even melaka tu dekat je.. tp bkn sng nk pegi sane...dgn ade hal yg x best ni jd.. lg pening aku, aku harap sgt sume akan jd mcm dlu that 'person', pls don't break TRUST that we gave u...from 100% now it reduce to 60% n pls dont make it reduce n just left 1%..PLSS! i really hope everything will goes like before..n happy till the end..u still have time to repent...we still can accept u... PLSS..
dlm sedih ade gak happy sbb danish, syuhada n sufiya ade...hehehe penat nk layan dorg ni...biase la bdk2..

arrived at pudu,kl around 5 1st i x tau pon nk blk kl bile, but after got msg from alip that just came back to malaysia from abudhabi n want to meet me n to give my selendang he bought there, i decided to back to kl on thursday n alip is the one who pickup me at pudu...hehehe x yah naik bus blk umah.. after that we meet n pick haya at CM and straight to OLDTOWN, JLN YAP KWAN SENG for mkn...wah! syok nye mkn alip blanje... haya biase la manusia paling happy la sbb ade org blanje die...hahaha HAYA....THANKS alip...for the meal treat n selendang... hehehe

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